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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Resident says local grocery stores, medical and dental providers are ‘terrible’

To the Editor:

I agree with previous letters that the grocery stores down here in Florida are terrible. We live on 484 near I-75 in the SummerGlen area, and we have a ghetto Winn-Dixie that does not have enough selections for groceries and produce. The area continues to grow with no other competition close by, allowing Winn-Dixie to be a terrible ghetto choice. If I knew Florida was like this, I would have never chosen to move here from Michigan.

And let’s talk about the medical and dental providers, which are also terrible. Dentists take advantage of the insurance companies, knowing what a billable procedure is and what is a yearly benefit. Instead of addressing the issues that prompted the visit, they will address what they can grab as the annual benefit and make you schedule another appointment to address the problems that you have. Specialists are hard to get into and they do not fully understand the contracts they have signed with insurance carriers, allowing for fraud and abuse.

Hopefully the whole state of Florida will catch up, especially Ocala.

Kathleen Woods
Ocala resident