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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Marion County resident responds to those complaining about lack of shopping options

A Marion County resident recently submitted a letter to Ocala-News.com in response to multiple residents who voiced their complaints regarding a lack of shopping options in Ocala/Marion County.

“People, the times they are a changing. With everything going on in this country, we should be glad there are not more shortages of foods, groceries, shopping areas, and fuel than there are. With the ridiculous constraints the government is putting on farmers and gasoline and transportation, along with our increasing population due to more and more people being allowed into our country, shortages will get worse.

Trees are being cut to build multi-family residences. Farmland and ranch land is being taken for distribution centers. Ocala is experiencing the highest growth rate in the state and I don’t think we are equipped to handle the traffic, the shopping requirements, and the housing demands. If you want to know where the taxes are going, I think maybe you should follow the money trail because I don’t have an answer.”

Jackie White
Marion County resident