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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

More residents discuss quality of dental care in Ocala/Marion County

In response to recent letters that voiced concerns on the quality of dental care in Ocala/Marion County, more residents wrote in to share their thoughts and concerns regarding this topic.

“I also have an issue with dental services in the area. I went to a well-known chain here in Ocala. They required that I have a fluoride treatment. My insurance does not cover fluoride treatments. I did not want a fluoride treatment and refused it. They would not take me on as a client,” says Ocala resident Cindy Wells.

“I, too, have a problem with dentists in this area. I have called two dentists several times, and they say they are either away from the desk or with a client. They say, “Leave your name and phone number, and I will get back to you.” I am still waiting three weeks later. One of the dentists is one I have gone to for service and they still haven’t called me back,” says Myrtle Crandall, Ocala resident.

“I’m also in agreement about dentists in the Ocala area. My husband and I had gone to a local dentist on our health plan list for two-plus years. Very satisfied with the dentist. I returned for a routine cleaning and found out they were bought by a large group. After cleaning our teeth five times, we both needed deep cleanings. Having been a former hygienist, I said, “If I am in need of a deep clean now, you aren’t doing your job correctly.” At another dentist, my husband had two implants ($8,000) and still had one causing problems. After not getting a resolution, he went to another dentist and an implant needs to be removed because the bone around the implant is too soft to hold (shouldn’t have been done), and now he needs a bridge. That’s $4,000 down the drain plus these extra costs. There is always a Plan B that is less costly that should be presented at the same time. Most retirees can’t afford these exorbitant fees. They want to get by, not be made 30 again,” says Lowell resident Laura Yantis.

“I’m responding to the people complaining about the dentists and quoting exorbitant prices for cleaning. The common denominator here is the insurance, not the dentist. I also have dental “insurance.” However, I do not use it. All dentists under this plan require you to have a deep cleaning before the plan will cover you. It’s just a scam in order to make some real money before the insurance takes over. Don’t fall for it. I go to a regular dentist and pay his regular fees. Much cheaper that way,” says Joan Duquette, Ocala resident.