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Monday, March 27, 2023

More residents write in to voice their concerns on dental care in Ocala/Marion County

More residents recently submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to voice their concerns regarding the topic of dental care in Ocala/Marion County.

“We moved here three years ago and dental/medical care has been a nightmare. We have Delta Dental and the providers know exactly what benefits they get paid for and push to have those services done first before addressing the problem that you made the appointment for. I recently went to an excellent dentist who is not contracted with any carriers. He did a great job and did the billing for me, but charged a ridiculous amount that didn’t even come close to the payable amount from the carrier. I had no other option as the other dentist wanted to replace my implants, which were in good condition. I am getting to the point where I will fly back to Michigan to get the services I need because there is so much fraud and abuse down here. Shameful,” says Ocala resident Kathleen Woods.

“I have been disabled since 2009, and I’m trying to get help with serious dental problems. I always took very good care of my teeth, but due to medications, they are in pretty bad shape. I had a very good job and had all hopes of going back to work ASAP, but the surgeon caused serious problems during my neck surgery. I don’t think dentists give us enough information either. I’m really glad this issue has been brought up,” says Ruth A Clark, Belleview resident.

“Ocala is the worst place for dental care that my wife and I have experienced. We paid for a consultation and were sent to an oral surgeon. He sent her back to the dentist to do a certain procedure. The dentist said go to someone else. We called three other dentists and they would not say if they did this procedure, but they were happy to take our money for a consultation. It seems as though many dentists in Ocala are after money and don’t care about the patient. They should be made to post their prices and procedures,” says Ocala resident Alex Delpercio.

“Oh, I agree. The problem is that Ocala needs more medical professionals. Not just dentists, but doctors as well. This city lacks in so much. Yes, get new buildings in here, and let’s forget the doctors and dentists that know what they are doing. This city is comprised of senior citizens. We live on limited budgets. Let’s take advantage of that. Doctors and dentists have been known to be rude to us. They don’t listen to our concerns, yet they want to be paid a high and outrageous amount to help us. I have heard so many elderly people go without medical because of high prices. This city needs to think. Are we not important? It’s wrong that we have to go to other cities to get our health in check,” says Regina Pickett, Ocala resident.