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Saturday, March 25, 2023

More residents discuss Ocala/Marion County’s grocery shopping options, needs

Several more residents submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to share their thoughts on the grocery shopping options in Ocala/Marion County.

“It’s a shame when companies like Publix can afford to keep a vacant building for more than 15 to 20 years so that opposition does not affect their bottom line. Our county and city need to step up,” says NW Marion County resident Regina Frederick.

“A lovely farmer’s market was opened in Citra last month. I bought red and white potatoes for 49 cents a pound. The ladies in charge are charming,” says Natalie Powers, Citra resident.

“There are no shopping stores on W State Road 40, from Pine Street all the way to Dunnellon. They closed the Winn-Dixie at Highway 27. I have to travel to Walmart or the expensive Publix located 8 miles away to shop. They don’t even have buses past I-75 to travel to a store. There are many residents that live out there and we only have a Dollar General on W State Road 40, which doesn’t have fresh fruits and meat. I have written several times to Winn-Dixie, Walmart, and Publix. There are four Publix’s on State Road 200 that are only two miles apart. I have also written to the mayor and city council members without any reply. There is plenty of land by the airport that’s been empty for over 35 years,” says Ocala resident Beverly DeMarco.

“We need both grocery stores and cafes to the west of Highway 27. Publix’s and a few places to eat are not handling the area with the amount of growth we are experiencing on this side of town,” says Francis Milner, Ocala resident.