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Friday, March 24, 2023

New Ocala resident is ‘appalled and shocked’ by lack of internet service

To the Editor:

I read a letter on Ocala-News.com regarding internet service from a year or so ago. I just purchased a home in northwest Ocala, and I’m appalled and shocked by the lack of service. Not one provider is able to service my newly constructed home.

I work from home and the one stipulation with my employer was that he didn’t care where I buy as long as I have internet. I tried doing my due diligence prior to buying the home and was told by my realtor and Spectrum that I would be able to get service. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have purchased the home.

I can’t believe the residents of Ocala are dealing with this in 2023. I could understand if Ocala was a small city, but it has a population of something like 60,000. That is similar to the population of Sarasota, which is where I’m coming from, and we had internet there with no problem.

The people of Ocala need to start fighting for better internet service.

Nina Bongiovanni
Ocala resident