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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Resident says ‘nauseating’ odors near SW 17th Street overpass are negatively affecting quality of life

To the Editor:

I share the concerns that were voiced in a recent letter about the strong odors at the SW 17th Street overpass. I live off of the SW 17th Street overpass and 7th Avenue. For my spouse and myself, it’s worse as we are breathing this pungent, nauseating, and contaminated air daily, day and night.

We are unable to enjoy our patio on our property, which we pay taxes for. Our quality of life has been negatively affected, and possibly our health too. Is our local government environmental agency aware of this problem? To what agency can we file a complaint as this problem needs prompt attention and resolution before our health is permanently impaired.

Sergio Hernandez
Ocala resident