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Monday, March 27, 2023

Residents weigh in on quality of cellphone, internet service in Marion County

Several residents submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to give their thoughts on the quality of cellphone and internet service in Ocala/Marion County.

“My wife and I moved from a small town in western Pennsylvania that was much smaller than Ocala. We had good cell and internet service. We live outside of Oak Run and the cell service is horrible. We have to use Wi-Fi, which is not always reliable. If the politicians in Ocala/Marion County want to see all this housing expansion, they should consider expanding cell service and better internet service. Having more cell towers erected should not be a big problem. The city continues to grow and we can only hope those in leadership will lead Ocala into an expansion of these important services,” says Ocala resident Alex Delpercio.

“The internet service is very poor in Marion County. We are in need of more towers, especially out here in the Silver Springs area, the Forest areas, and even Marion Oaks. Everywhere. We are way behind the times here in 2023,” says Kurt Sprader, Silver Springs resident.

“The previous writer didn’t specify what part of the county they live in. There are several servers that provide good internet services and programs. Spectrum is one of them. I have found that Wi-Fi service in the downtown area is lacking. I have been to the Downtown Market and have had trouble trying to look something up because the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting. For downtown businesses, it is important to have good internet and that should be looked into by CEP,” says Belleview resident Theresa Grimes.