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Monday, February 27, 2023

Two Ocala residents voice concerns on rising electric bills, added charges

In response to a recent letter stating that electric bills have “gotten out of hand” in Ocala, two residents wrote in to share their thoughts on the topic.

“My electric bill for this month for my small two-bedroom apartment is $488. I think it is obscene. I asked them about it and they said the two cold snaps were this month. They did give me a payment plan, but what I want to know is this: why don’t they go solar instead of using oil to make our electricity? I am on SSI and it is very hard to pay my electric bill every month. I am getting behind in my other bills because of it. I think it is because they are trying to recoup the money they had to pay out from the lawsuit settlement. Anyone else have something to say to help change the situation? Help with your voice,” says Ocala resident Aleta Moore.

“I recently checked my SECO electric bill and noticed a charge I did not agree to. It’s called “Pennies From Heaven.” It is a small amount, but I did not agree to the charge on my bill. Since they indicate that “every penny helps,” well…I agree. I want those pennies going to me, not to their general fund. I never agreed to this, and with inflation running so high, every penny counts. Make sure you check your bill and contact them to have this taken off your bill,” says Billy Budd, Ocala resident.