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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Resident discusses lack of reliable cellphone service in Ocala

To the Editor:

Hi, I’ve seen the recent letters from a few other people complaining about their cellphone service here in Ocala and I’m also dealing with this issue. I live right near FedEx and Chewy by I-75, and unless I’m connected to my Wi-Fi at home, I have very little service. If I’m not connected to my Wi-Fi, then half of the time my calls don’t go through, and you can forget about browsing the internet.

I work near the downtown square and have no service there either. I have to connect to the Wi-Fi at my job. Actually, I’ve noticed while driving around that I hardly get any service anywhere here in town.

Verizon is my service provider. I’ve thought about switching to another provider, but from what I’ve heard, none of the providers have good service anymore. It’s insane to pay so much for cellphone service and never have any service.

Thank you for your time.

Melissa Young
Ocala resident