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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Resident says ‘legislators want any mention of black slavery history removed from our children’s sight’

To the Editor:

What true irony. Florida legislators want any mention of black slavery history (critical race theory) removed from our children’s sight so they won’t feel guilty about the inhumane way white people treated black slaves, yet they want to protect monuments of the white Confederate militants who sought to keep black slavery legal. Don’t tell the kids how terrible our ancestors treated black people, but revere and honor those who fought for the right to keep doing so.

When we all stand before our Maker, He has one question: did you spend your life learning to love? Seems like so many are learning to hate, the opposite of life’s goal. Trying to erase the part of history you don’t want known and protecting only the part you are proud of is considered “whitewashing.” Appropriate name.

Joy Rumans
Ocala resident