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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Several residents voice concerns on condition of Ocala/Marion County’s roadways

Several residents submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to share their thoughts and concerns regarding Ocala/Marion County’s roadways.

“There are so many state and city roads that have potholes in them. They also need to be restriped. When it rains, you cannot always see the lane markings. Both city and state officials drive these roads, and you know they are aware of the issue but just do nothing. Maybe if people bill them for repairs of the vehicles that are damaged, they would start doing something about it,” says Ocala resident Rosalie Davis.

“To comment on the road between Baseline Road and SE 25th Avenue, Maricamp Road is the worst. It needs to be fixed now,” says John Dempsey, Ocala resident.

“Can you tell me why half of each direction of south 441 / Pine Street has been paved, yet the other half has not been paved? This disparity leaves a fairly sizeable bump on each side of the paving and cannot be good for tires and shocks. It has been months since the subpar job was done at 31st Street and Pine. The disregard for our suspension systems in our vehicles is alarming,” says Ocala resident Dick Burgoon.