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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Resident says amount of trash on Ocala/Marion County’s roads is appalling

To the Editor:

What can we do to change people’s mentality that it is not okay to throw trash out of car windows? I’ve only been a resident for two years now, but I am appalled at how much trash there is on all our roads. Scenic 475A is full of trash. There’s a sign stating you will be fined…right next to that sign is a pile of trash, as though someone did this on purpose. They are laughing in our faces. 484, from 301 to SR 200, is so congested with all kinds of trash. People don’t secure their loads. Styrofoam will never break down, yet there are piles of it everywhere. How sad. Marion County is such a beautiful and pristine county, and we can’t keep it clean.

Lia Garcia
Ocala resident