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Saturday, May 27, 2023

More residents voice their concerns on abundance of litter in Ocala/Marion County

Several residents recently submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the topic of littering in Ocala/Marion County.

“I have contacted the county commissioners concerning the piles of trash on our roads. Some effort has been made to pick up the trash, but it is lazy people that continue to trash our roads. Drivers are too lazy to secure their loads when taking items to the landfill, and some just open their car windows and let things fly without any concern if the item hits the road or a person. Maybe the county can put out cameras like the ones used to capture animals in the wilderness to capture images of the culprits that trash our roads. Until the county actually starts charging fines, people will continue to litter,” says Belleview resident Theresa Grimes.

“I’ve been hearing the radio ads talking about the fines that will be levied if someone is caught littering in Marion County. I’d like the agency that will be in charge of that to go around to the shopping centers, strip malls, etc. If you go shopping here in the county, the amount of trash blowing around the stores themselves is embarrassing. It’s not just people throwing trash out indiscriminately, but done heavily by the businesses within the county. I know lack of employees is often a cause, but some arrangements should be made to take care of this,” says Linda Sanders, Ocala resident.

“Driving around Ocala is not a pretty sight: trash in lots, behind stores, and along the streets. The courts send people to do community service – where are they? Judges, how about sending them to do real community service and get out there and clean up the trash and make Ocala “beautiful” again. And don’t say it’s the business owners who are responsible to clean up their area – lame. Put these so-called “sentenced community workers” to work and really do something to help this disgusting eyesore that residents and visitors see all over Ocala,” says Ocala resident Linda Yustwan.