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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Ocala police warning local businesses about scam calls

The Ocala Police Department is warning local businesses of a phone scam trend involving scammers who pretend to be representatives from a business corporate office.

According to OPD, once these scammers have an employee on the line, they will demand immediate payment from that employee. The scammer may use various tactics to pressure the employee into making the payment, such as threatening to take legal action or claiming that the general manager is on another line approving the requested fraudulent action.

In one case, OPD stated that the scammer instructed an employee to take cash from the business and deliver it to a Bitcoin ATM. The employee proceeded to hang up the phone on the scammer and prevented the theft from occurring.

“We urge all businesses to be vigilant and educate employees about these types of phone scams,” stated the Ocala Police Department in a social media post.

OPD encourages local businesses to remind their employees to never disclose sensitive information or engage with callers who make suspicious demands for money over the phone. Employees should verify any requests or demands with a manager before taking any action.

If your business receives a suspicious phone call, report it to local law enforcement.