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Friday, June 2, 2023

Schools are removing explicit books that are not appropriate for children

To the Editor:

A recent letter from a retired educator left me perplexed as the very sincere point of the letter alluded to an unreasonable or unnecessary book and education ban in Marion County. If one follows the books being removed and not allowed in the school system, it is clear they are not appropriate for school-age children. These books are sexually explicit and use descriptive language I cannot include in this letter. It is just not right to compare the issue of not subjecting children to explicit and suggestive reading materials to the censoring or prohibiting of legitimate educational material.

I urge everyone who has a question on this issue to research the books and materials that were removed from the public school system. The analogy used by the former educator referencing evolution is just incorrect. The parents can still certainly obtain these books and give to their children – it is up to the parents. The books are not available in the public school system, as are many books that are inappropriate in the public school system. Check out the books yourself and you will see why this was a legitimate issue that was handled correctly.

Steven Swett
Dunnellon resident