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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Marion health officials release plan for healthier community

The Florida Department of Health in Marion County (DOH-Marion) has released a new plan to help residents improve their overall health.

Last week, DOH-Marion published the Marion County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for 2023 through 2026. The plan draws from data in Marion County’s 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment, and it identifies specific goals that aim to help the community achieve better health outcomes over the next three years.

“The completion of the Community Health Improvement Plan will help us take concrete actions to improve health in Marion County,” stated Mark Lander, Administrator of the Florida Department of Health in Marion County. “I’m grateful to the members of the Steering Committee who worked hard to produce this plan. The activities community members committed to perform will help make Marion County a healthier community.”

According to DOH-Marion, over 35 representatives from local community organizations assisted in developing the CHIP goals, objectives, and activities. Members of the Steering Committee represented organizations involved in health care, local government, social services, education, law enforcement, and business.

CHIP establishes the following 10 goals under four strategic priority areas, as determined by the Steering Committee:

  • Healthy Aging
    • Increase supportive care and services for the aging population.
    • Promote healthy and active aging for all ages.
  • Access to Care
    • Enhance access to health-related resources.
    • Reduce primary care provider shortages in Marion County.
  • Wellness and Primary Prevention
    • Broaden the availability of life skills and technical training for Marion County residents.
    • Foster healthy behaviors to lower chronic disease prevalence in Marion County.
  • Behavioral Health
    • Reduce high utilization calls of the 911 system from adults for mental health services.
    • Educate providers and the community on the availability and accessibility of behavioral health programs and services in Marion County.
    • Expand access to behavioral health care facilities.
    • Advocate for the adoption of a comprehensive tobacco control policy for Marion County’s K-12 schools.

The 2023-2026 Marion County Community Health Improvement Plan can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.

For more information, visit the Florida Department of Health in Marion County’s website.