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Friday, June 2, 2023

Therapy pools are outrageously expensive

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the letter about the supposed need for a therapy pool for seniors. I’m an arthritis and Raynaud’s warrior, as well as a former water exercise instructor for the Arthritis Foundation. The cost to do so is outrageously expensive. How much are seniors in Ocala/Marion County willing to pay to cover the cost of such a pool?

As it is with multi-use pools, temperatures of 82-84 degrees is a middle ground for everyone. Lap and competitive swimmers complain that it’s too warm, so 90 degrees would certainly overheat them. Some senior bathers and small children feel chilly when wearing just a swimsuit in 82-84 degrees. Essentially, not everyone will be happy, but most bathers and swimmers are content.

I pose this solution for bathers who feel 83 degrees in pools is too chilly: wear leggings and a rash guard over your swimsuit, and aqua shoes. That’s what I do to prevent chilling. Be proactive by taking care of your needs.

There are great pools in Marion County, and Ocala, in particular. Unless a physical therapy office is willing to open their therapy pools up to seniors, I highly doubt organizations like the YMCA can get enough funds to not only build one, but be able to afford its maintenance.

Charlaine Martin
Ocala resident