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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

‘Wanting’ and ‘getting’ something are two different things

To the Editor:

I read the “Letters to the Editor” regularly. Many people write to ask for services, or restaurants closer to where they live. They desire a drug store or restaurant closer to their residence. That’s all well and good, but “wanting” something and “getting” something are two different things. This is a free market capitalistic society. That means the business will do an evaluation, and if the population density looks like it will support the location, it may well get built. But if that density is not there, there will be no location built. Then the other shoe drops. Once the density picks up, the “Letters to the Editor” are then complaints of traffic, infrastructure, and wildlife encroachment. Sigh. The only constant is a constant parade of letters…just like this one.

Dewey Kowalski
Ocala resident