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Friday, June 2, 2023

Entertainment is lacking for teens and young adults

To the Editor:

What the young man said about Ocala lacking entertainment for youth. When so many of us were growing up here, we had “Kats Korner” to hang out in. It had a jukebox, dance floor, pool tables, game room, TV room, snack bar, and on lots of weekends we had live local bands playing. It was also run by teens with adult supervision. There was Silver Springs, where you could swim at the beach (which no longer exists) or go to an ice cream shop, gift shops, pottery gallery, Ross Allan’s snake and gator exhibits, Tommy Bartlett’s Deer Ranch, and the Carriage Cavalcade across the highway, with antique cars, program cars which never made it into production, and a stage coach. There was lots to do in the 1950, 1960, 1970 era. It’s a real shame not to provide for our youth.

Kay Voge
Ocala resident