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Friday, June 2, 2023

Reader responds to complaints about Ocala

To the Editor:

I’m so tired of reading the multitude of complaint letters bemoaning Ocala’s lack of restaurants, location of supermarkets, youth facilities, upscale stores, roads, etc. I was born in NYC and lived there until 9/11 when I moved to my weekend home in a tiny town in Upstate NY, and then to South Carolina. I then moved to Ocala in 2019. I had my doubts at first, but now realize it was the best decision I ever made.

I question those who have moved here and bemoan the loss of what they had in their previous cities. Did you not visit Ocala before deciding to reside here? Did you not check for facilities, shopping, restaurants, etc.? If you were unhappy where you were living prior, why did you choose Ocala?

Might I suggest that if you’re looking for all of the so-called conveniences and way of life you had in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, etc., might I suggest you pack up your belongings, hop in your vehicle, and head north on I-95 back to where you experienced all that you miss, including the high taxes, BLM, soaring crime rates, “woke” schools, gangs, increasing costs of living, and everything else the dems have to offer you. Otherwise, be thankful for what you have here.

If you’ll cease moaning and groaning like spoiled children and give it some time, you’ll be thankful for Florida, Governor DeSantis, and most of all our less than perfect, but wonderful small city of Ocala.

Carol Shalaew
Ocala resident