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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Election Day for House District 24 seat, polls open until 7 p.m.

Polls are open in Marion County for today’s special general election for the Florida House of Representatives District 24 seat.

The two candidates – Republican Ryan Chamberlin and write-in candidate Robert “Foxy” Fox – are looking to fill the Florida House seat that was vacated by former State Rep. Joseph Harding following an indictment for COVID-19 relief fraud.

House District 24 two candidates
Candidates Ryan Chamberlin (left) and Robert “Foxy” Fox (right) are competing for the vacant House District 24 seat

As of 9 a.m. this morning, over 6,900 votes have been cast, which is just over 5% of the 133,736 eligible voters.

Polls will remain open until 7 p.m. To find the location of your poll, visit the Marion County Supervisor of Elections website. Voters must provide a current and valid photo, as well as signature identification to cast their vote.