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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

More readers share their thoughts on living in Ocala

Several readers from Ocala recently submitted letters to share their thoughts on the city that they call home.

“I totally agree with Carol Shalaew’s letter. What is it that makes grown adults move to a city and then complain about it? Complain about more people moving here when you were once one of that group. We all contributed to more housing, too. Where your house is, a bear or wild turkey or any other wild animal once roamed. I personally think that we all need better things to do and think about. Don’t spend most of your time finding things to complain about. There are more important things to get involved in to occupy your time. I am a native Floridian, but have lived in several states. Each one has its own beauty and way of doing things. Don’t complain. Take action. Maybe learn to appreciate what’s here and if you can’t, go back where they have things you want. Please don’t try to turn here into there. We love it here, that’s why we’re here,” says Kayron Rakes, Ocala resident.

“We moved here three years ago and love this city, its people, and the sunny winters,” says Ocala resident Bonnie Trimbath.

“First off, I must say that Dems have absolutely nothing to do with the city of Ocala; this whole state is ran by Republicans, so enough of that. Marion County is not a small town. But I have lived here for 13 years and I’ve been coming down here for 40. Downtown is becoming a little better. There are all kinds of restaurants here, from ordinary to very expensive. There’s really no good shopping here unless you called Dillard’s really good shopping. Most of the streets that I drive on are full of litter. Makes me really angry that people who live here have no respect for the town they live in or the roads they drive on. It’s pretty embarrassing for me when I have friends or family coming to town. I really don’t think I should have to go to Gainesville or Orlando to find some decent shopping, but unfortunately we do. Of course I enjoy all the huge oak trees and the beautiful horse farms. Makes me feel like I’m not in Florida, which I like. You have to drive an hour and a half to get to any water, beaches that is to say. You see, people have different views of Ocala, and this is mine,” says  Sharon Spencer, Ocala resident.

“I think Ocala is wonderful! It has everything (just about) that anyone would need
and the traffic is not that bad – relatively speaking. My biggest pet peeve about Ocala is the godforsaken street names…or should I say numbers. I truly believe that whoever was in charge of naming all the streets had to be high, drunk, or on meth. We are the horse capital of the world? How about some street names conveying just that. You know, like Equestrian Boulevard or Racetrack Road…instead of idiotic names such as SW 80th Place Road,
SW 80th Terrace Road, 17th Avenue, or 17th Road. It is all so confusing to newcomers. I’ve been here six years now and still don’t know what directions to give my out-of-town friends when they come to visit. It’s always, “Here’s the address, plug it in.” Other than all that – Ocala is just peachy,” says Ocala resident Rob Iraci.