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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Moving train catches fire in Ocala

Ocala firefighters were dispatched on Tuesday evening after receiving reports that a fire had ignited on a moving train.

Shortly before 5:25 p.m., Ocala Fire Rescue units consisting of Engines 3 and 5, Rescue 5, and Battalion Chief 22 responded to the railroad tracks. In a social media post, OFR stated that the train was slowly making its way toward crew members by the time that they arrived on scene.

The firefighters observed smoke on top of one of the railcars. After climbing on top of the railcar, they observed traces of smoldering grain, according to OFR.

Moving train catches fire in Ocala
A firefighter dousing the top of the railcar with water (Photo: Ocala Fire Rescue)

Firefighters quickly used a hose to douse the top of the railcar with water, and the train was soon able to resume its normal operations.

There were no injuries reported.