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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

More readers give their thoughts on Ocala

Several readers recently responded to a letter from Carol Shalaew that discussed “the multitude of complaint letters bemoaning Ocala’s lack of restaurants, location of supermarkets, youth facilities, upscale stores, roads, etc.”

Responses from readers:

“I can’t agree more with the previous letter from Carol Shalaew. If you don’t like it here, why did you move here? You can always return from which you’ve came or move to more agreeable cities like Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, or Tampa. No one is forcing you to live here. I, myself, love Ocala and don’t want it to be any of the aforementioned cities. If I need more, I can drive there and return to my quiet piece of Florida that is beautiful except for the littering (which is another subject). Stop the complaining,” says Ocala resident Ed Wilt.

“First and foremost, Ocala is not all that Carol Shalaew sums it up to be. My parents reside in Ocala and it has been great to live in for them, but for those that are younger and have children, it’s unfortunately not the best place to live. Let’s talk about how they continue to build car washes and gas stations. This is insane, every corner there’s a gas station and car wash being built. Why not more parks, more restaurants, or community centers for children and teens who are not given options for more things to get involved in and to be distracted from the wrongs things. Why don’t we start raising property taxes? That way they are funding for what is not available. Make Ocala better, not boring or just for seniors. Because the truth is that more younger people are moving into Ocala with their children. Let’s not be a Karen and let’s find solutions,” says Lee Rey, New York City resident.

“I am a Midwest lady that doesn’t like Ocala. Everything you can do, you have to pay. Where are all these markets? Flea markets? Parks? Etc. They have stuff going (sometimes), but then the streets are rolled up at 1 p.m. Really? They have done away with anything for the young to enjoy. I’m a senior and have to hunt for things to do. We just have two hardware stores, where you can’t find what you need, so you have to go to outside places or the internet. I’m on a budget and don’t like to be taken advantage of. Taxes? Really? Have you checked into car insurance? It’s crazy. And this is why there are crazy drivers here that don’t care. The stop lights here are ridiculous. I have never been in a city where you have to wait 15 minutes for lights to change. All in all, this city lacks in so much. I’m looking for another place to move out of here. Ocala is not for me. It was rated as one of the worst cities to move to, and I wish I had known this before I moved here. Also, some people are rude and think they can shut others up from airing their feelings and opinions,” says Ocala resident Gini Pickett.

“I am responding to the response about complaints (lack of restaurant choices and shopping) in Ocala. I strongly disagree with the statement that the reason we should be happy with Ocala is because of less less violence, BLM, etc. I believe we are thankful to move here from the North because of the natural wonders we are blessed with and the biodiversity in Central Florida. The weather, of course, and the love of the outdoors. This is in spite of the fact that we have a Governor worried about controlling people and reducing free speech and diversity. Totally un-American. I love this area despite the plethora of grumpy, divisive people. I love them all anyway as I am a believer that brotherly and sisterly love is the most important thing,” says Richard Schreff, Dunnellon resident.