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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

More readers discuss topic of commercial flights in Ocala/Marion County

Several readers submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to share their thoughts on the topic of bringing commercial flights to Ocala/Marion County.

“Could someone please explain to the people wanting commercial airlines how it works? We used to live in Naples and commercial was tried there. There just weren’t enough people flying commercial to justify the expense to the airlines. I’m amazed people moved here and only now realize there’s no commercial air. And the same goes for wanting more restaurants and grocery stores. They must be busy year-round and have enough base people to use them,” says Weirsdale resident Debi Jaynes.

“Stopped at said airport and was told it was for horse owners, so you need to own a horse to use the local international airport? Who pays for this airport? Just asking,” says Dennis Hunziker, Citrus Springs resident.

“To those residents of Ocala complaining about the “inconvenience” of not having a commercial airport in Ocala, I say this: “Move to Orlando or Tampa.” When you moved to Ocala, you must have been aware of the size of our airport, but you moved here anyway. Orlando and Tampa are large cities that can accommodate massive commercial airports. Ocala is a small city with many homeowners, communities, and pastures surrounding our small airport who would be subject to the extreme noise and bright lights, day and night, caused by the large jets during takeoffs and landings. Not to mention the massive traffic and parking problems experienced by those attempting to “catch their flights” just so you complainers won’t be “inconvenienced” by having to drive to Orlando or Tampa. By the way, in case you are unaware, there are other forms of transportation to and from the airports if you don’t want to drive. And, to the lady who laments not seeing her children, they can drive to Florida or fly into Tampa or Orlando to see their mama, or if they won’t do either, you can move back to the major Northern city from whence you came and you’ll have the convenience of seeing your children every day,” says Ocala resident Carol Shalaew.

“I do believe that we need commercial airlines into Ocala since many senior citizens and snow birds own homes in this area. You would think there would be. It’s really an inconvenience to have to pay someone to drive two hours each way to have to fly out of Orlando, Tampa, or Jacksonville. Most people can’t afford to park and leave their vehicles at one of those airports for months at a time. Transportation such as a shuttle or bus are next to impossible to get going to the airports. It would be a wonderful thing to get a couple commercial airline companies to accommodate the growth of Marion County. Especially since it’s the largest county in Florida,” says Liz Huston, Silver Spring resident.