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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Ocala trucker spills plywood on I-75 in Pasco County

A 32-year-old semi-truck driver from Ocala was involved in an accident on Interstate 75 in Pasco County on Thursday morning after plywood that he was transporting spilled onto the roadway and struck another vehicle.

At approximately 6:40 a.m., the semi-truck was traveling southbound on I-75, near mile marker 290. An Infinity SUV was traveling northbound on I-75 at the same time, according to the Florida Highway Patrol incident report.

FHP stated that a white Ford pickup truck with a red passenger door was traveling ahead of the semi-truck, and the pickup truck quickly decelerated for an unknown reason. In order to avoid a collision, the semi-truck’s driver braked and steered his vehicle to the left, which caused the trailer to rotate and spill the plywood.

Ocala trucker spills plywood on Interstate 75 in Pasco County
Shortly after the semi-truck braked and swerved to the left, the plywood it was transporting spilled onto the interstate (Photo: Florida Highway Patrol)

According to FHP, the plywood struck the guardrail and fell onto the northbound lanes of I-75. One of the pieces of plywood struck the left front and side of the SUV. The driver and sole occupant of the SUV, identified in the report as a 38-year-old Odessa man, was not injured.

The driver of the semi-truck also avoided injury.

The FHP report stated that the pickup truck continued to travel northbound on I-75 after the accident, and no further details were provided regarding the vehicle’s occupants.

The names of the drivers involved in the accident were not released by the Florida Highway Patrol.