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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ocala sergeant wins motorcycle competition

An Ocala Police Department sergeant recently made the trip to Sanford for a motorcycle competition, and his riding skills earned him a first-place trophy.

Over 25 skilled motorcyclists joined Sergeant Ron Malone at the Town Center Mall in Sanford for the competition. According to OPD, the tournament’s riders pushed their limits, tested their skills against the clock, and demonstrated their road skills while maintaining control of their bikes.

Sergeant Malone has 20-plus years of competitive riding experience, and his performance during the event in Sanford earned him the title of Fastest Motorcycle and Rider in Florida for all of the Florida Association of Shrine Motor Corp. In addition, he earned the “Brian Harrelson” Traveling First-Place Trophy.

Sergeant Ron Malone with trophy after winning motorcycle competition in Sanford (merged photo)
OPD Sergeant Ron Malone hoists the first-place trophy after winning the competition in Sanford (Photos: Ocala Police Department)

While the participating riders enjoyed the thrill of the race, they also took part in the competition to raise funds for Shriner’s Hospital, which is an institution that provides free medical care to children in need.

OPD stated that Sergeant Malone’s passion for motorcycles was ignited at a young age. Inspired by his father who was also an avid motorcyclist, Sergeant Malone has taken part in over 50 motorcycle competitions.

When Sergeant Malone is off-duty, he is often found riding and training on his 2016 Harley Davidson (Peace Officer Limited Edition) touring bike nicknamed “THUMPER.”

“We commend Sgt. Malone for his exceptional achievement and for his commitment to giving back to the community, both on and off duty,” stated the Ocala Police Department on its Facebook page. “Thank you for representing our department with excellence and showcasing the spirit of camaraderie and fun within the motorcycle community.”