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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Reader says Ocala is ‘most boring place to live’

To the Editor:

I can’t understand how they boast the city as one of the best places to live. There is nothing for people to do besides nature. Young kids are sitting at home and playing games because there are no social events or any events going on. The few events Ocala does put on, they end up canceling, and this is the most boring place to live in the world.

They boast about the beautiful and entertaining downtown square. But all it is, is a little square with a few shops. All we have seen is houses being built and roads being repaved. Other than that, one road with most of the shopping, boring stores, busy roads, and nothing to offer.

I’m ready to leave and find a real city that spends my tax dollars on the people. I see nothing being done with my tax dollars. I live on a dirt road, no street lights, no city amenities, and one internet company that gives us a whopping 10 Mbps speed when other folks get 1,000 Mbps. What do I pay for?

Lisa Scott
Anthony resident