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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

City unveils statue honoring animal abuse survivor Molly

A statue honoring Molly, the ambassador for the Marion County Animal Abuser Registry, was unveiled near Ocala City Hall on Wednesday morning.

Sculpted by Nilda Comas, the statue memorializes Molly, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 15. Molly had suffered severe abuse at the hands of a previous owner.

Molly's statue near Ocala City Hall (2)
Molly’s statue is located near Ocala City Hall (Photo: City of Ocala)

Molly’s experience was the inspiration behind the Animal Abuser Registry, which is an ordinance that passed in 2016. The registry identifies any offender convicted of an animal abuse crime, allowing citizens, pet sellers, and rescue organizations to verify that they are not placing an animal with an abuser.

Lilly Baron poses with the statue of Molly after the unveiling on June 7, 2023
Lilly Baron, president of SPCA of Ocala, poses with Molly’s statue (Photo: City of Ocala)

After being rescued, Molly lived out the remainder of her years with Lilly Baron, president of SPCA of Ocala. Baron attended this morning’s ceremony to commemorate her friend, and she was joined by several city, county, and state officials.

Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn speaks while holding Princess, Lilly Barron's other dog and Molly's friend.
Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn speaks while holding Princess, Lilly Barron’s other dog who was Molly’s friend (Photo: City of Ocala)
Lilly Barron and sculptor Nilda Comas with statue of Molly
Sculptor Nilda Comas (left) and Lilly Barron (right) pose for a picture next to Molly’s statue (Photo: City of Ocala)

Molly’s statue is located in front of the City of Ocala’s Citizen Service Center at 201 SE 3rd Street, across from the Ocala Downtown Market.

For more information on the Animal Abuser Registry, visit the Marion County Animal Services website.