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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Should pets be allowed in stores?

Two readers submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to share their thoughts on whether or not pets should be allowed in stores. These letters are in response to Publix, which made national headlines this past week after the company reinforced its “no pets allowed” policy at locations across the southeast, including stores in Ocala/Marion County.

“I feel emotional support animals should be allowed. If it’s to help someone with anxiety for instance, how will that person shop for food if they are afraid of an anxiety attack? It’s terrible in a way to be prejudice of emotional support animals vs service animals,” says Ocala resident Faith Gregory.

“Well, it’s about time to get animals under control in stores. I understand that real service animals are needed, but just taking any animal in Walmart…At Bob Evans, for example, there was a couple that brought their cat in a carrier to eat. Really, not everyone is non-allergic to our pets. Please be considerate for all people,” says Patricia Herrmann, Ocala resident.