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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Ocala is a delightful place to live

To the Editor:

Greetings fellow citizens, I have been blessed, soon to be four years, of residing in a wonderful community. The city essentially has everything one needs. I came from Pennsylvania. I have, for the past few years, read, wrote, replied, and shook my head at some letters, comments, and such.

The issues of growth are not really issues. I have read many comments about traffic. As a former councilman from PA, Ocala does not have a traffic problem. Ocala has a traffic light timing problem. The timing of the lights has not changed to handle a higher influx. However, the black lines across the road are used for studying traffic. The studies take time and the results of those counters will be analyzed and assessed to determine what course of action to take on the timing of traffic lights. For example, SE 1st avenue and 441, a person could sit and die at that light. The light is a real beauty.

Next, we have unsurpassed healthcare, EMS, Fire, and Police. I know this from personal experience. I have a hospital preference, as two months after I retired from business, former police O.I.C. in the 90s, and 28 years as a volunteer firefighter, I was blessed to arrive at the emergency department that I did. The trip resulted in a triple bypass.

Further, I’ve read complaints about no restaurants. My Lord have mercy, but we have the best restaurants. A person could literally eat around the world with the eclectic sources. I could do that on S Pine alone. I have been obsessed with IHOP since I was a child, and my parents had to take me two hours to an IHOP. We have two of them. S Pine is amazing. I could do lunch at Taco Y Madres, I could do dinner at Fiore’s or pick from anything. I had to drive two hours to a Golden Corral. We got one of those as well. Whatever a person wants, is here in Ocala.

I will comment, as well, Dollar Stores, gas stations, and car washes, will continue to move here as long as the city grants permits and feasibility is present. Whilst the likes are popping like spring tulips, the businesses are all busy. God speed. I buy my gas at one location on S Pine, seemingly always a nickel a gallon cheaper. We also have some great car dealers on S Pine. We have everything.

Let us all work together making Ocala strong, supporting what you and I can, raise the city up in comments, and well…make Ocala greater than ever before.

God bless us all and keep us safe during the storm.

Aaron Hendricks
Ocala resident