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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Have you visited the new playground at Ocala International Airport?

An aviation-themed playground with ropes, ladders, and an airplane-shaped structure is now open at the Ocala International Airport.

The Aviators’ Playground opened earlier this summer at the Ocala International Airport, which is located at 1770 SW 60th Avenue.

Aviators' Playground at Ocala International Airport
The Aviators’ Playground is located at the Ocala International Airport (1770 SW 60th Avenue)

The airplane play gym is set against a blue-sky background to give the feel of floating through the clouds on a plane.

Aviators' Playground at Ocala International Airport
The Aviators’ Playground is set against a blue-sky backdrop, and the main airplane-shaped structure is accompanied by spring riders

The main structure resembles an airplane, and it features ropes and ladders that children can climb. The playground also includes spring riders in the shape of airplanes that “escort” the main structure, and children will be able to use their imagination while bouncing and playing.

In addition, the playground has integrated aviation themes such as a printed compass on the rubber playground surface and aviation history panels that line the fenced area.

Aviators' Playground at Ocala International Airport (jeremiah) 1
The playground’s visitors can watch as planes take off and land at the airport

The playground overlooks the airport apron, which allows visitors to watch the incoming and outgoing planes.

Matt Grow, Airport Director for the City of Ocala, stated that the addition of this playground provides an “extra family-friendly element to our growing space.” He added that the play area is “equipped to keep children entertained while exploring the world of aviation and hopefully encourages them to pursue interests in aviation.”

For more information, contact the Ocala International Airport at 352-629-8377.