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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Readers respond to complaint about Sam’s Club entrance

Earlier this week, a reader submitted a letter to Ocala-News.com stating that the entrance to Sam’s Club in Ocala is a “hassle.” In response, several readers wrote in to share their thoughts on this topic.

“Our family has shopped at Sam’s Club since they opened the Ocala store, and it is a nightmare trying to get off State Road 200 and into the parking lot. The traffic is horrible and dangerous. They really do need to do something to help the situation. Someone is going to get hurt or killed trying to get there to shop,” says Ocala resident Kay Voge.

“Sam’s Club needs to move the gas station over where the old campground use to be in that part of the parking lot. There is all kinds of room there. They can come in off of State Road 200 and have lots more area there for the cars waiting to be serviced,” says Francis Milner, Ocala resident.

“Regarding the supposed issue with the Sam’s Club entrance the citizen complained about, there are two accesses to the Sam’s Club parking lot. One is on State Road 200, which is indeed a pain to turn into. The other one is on SW 38th Court, which can be easily accessed via the light at State Road 200. This complaint sounds more like someone who may be new to Ocala and is not used to Ocala’s laid back and patient attitude that, unfortunately, is being eroded on the west side of the city,” says Ocala resident Larry McGill.