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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Should Costco come to Ocala? Two readers give their thoughts.

A reader recently submitted a letter to Ocala-News.com to voice support for bringing a Costco to the area.

“Ocala is a wonderful place to live and it is growing rapidly. I’ve lived here just over a year, having moved from the Midwest. The thing I miss most from up north is access to Costco. I’ve always associated Costco with excellent quality and reasonable prices. The Ocala community and it’s surrounding area would benefit greatly from a Costco presence. Please consider locating here; you are needed,” says Ocala resident Linda Folsom.

While several other readers have previously submitted letters regarding their desire to see a Costco in Ocala/Marion County, not everyone is on board with the idea of a local Costco.

“Ocala needs a Costco like it needs another gas station and car wash. Enough with all these traffic-causing places being built. All they do is cut down trees that we need, not more stores. If you want more stores, go back to where you came from,” says Mike Kaye, Ocala resident.

Do you have an opinion about Costco or other retailers coming to Ocala? Share it with us in a comment below or a Letter to the Editor.