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Sunday, October 1, 2023

The rapid growth in Ocala is ridiculous

To the Editor:

Growth in any city/town is inevitable. However, in Ocala it is absolutely ridiculous and moving too fast. What or who brings all these newcomers from out of state to our area? Does every state in the U.S. show advertising of Ocala to tempt them to come and live here?

What brings them here? Is it the beautiful countryside or the quiet way of life, or something else? The countryside, yes! It seems a lot of people that have moved here from northern states or even south Florida have been misled.

The fact is, the more the county builds, be it homes or businesses, the more taxes they receive. Who is getting rich off these taxes?

The question we should ask and see in writing is: “Where is all that tax money going?”

Frances Simoneaux
Ocala resident