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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Is the Sam’s Club entrance a hassle? More readers share their thoughts.

Last week, several letters were submitted to Ocala-News.com in response to a reader who stated that the entrance to Sam’s Club in Ocala is a “hassle.”

In response to those letters, two readers wrote in to share their thoughts on Sam’s Club.

“My husband and I go to Sam’s Club only when we need to go because I hate trying to get into the parking lot. It’s an accident waiting to happen and people will seriously get hurt or killed. Is there a petition that the people of Ocala can sign to make Sam’s Club do some changes or move it? But wait, it may not be a problem once Buc-ee’s opens and they will be sorry that they didn’t do anything to resolve the problem. They may lose a lot of customers,” says Ocala resident Kathy Steinman.

“I would say to the conversation about the Sam’s Club situation is that that store and it’s location are lost in time. The community has outgrown the store. Moving the location to the rear into the old trailer park and reconfiguring the parking area/gas station would be a better alternative. Accessing the store through the new extension at the Wawa would be a godsend. Another thing that would help out would be to work with BJ’s or Costco to get into the community to relax all the traffic going to Sam’s Club. Right now, Sam’s Club is the only store of that type in the area,” says Thomas Hoffman, Ocala resident.