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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Invest in the arts and education

To the Editor:

The Ocala community has the potential to be so much more than it is. The problems facing this community are common when city and county government aren’t focused on anything beyond generating tax revenue, and allowing urban sprawl to go unchecked with no view towards the future.

There needs to be thought and planning done to create a community that is vibrant and engaged. There could be more to central Florida than guns, Nascar wannabe drivers, and culture wars.

Music and art festivals would make a good start. Investing in after-school programs and mentoring at-risk youth would also help. We could re-imagine a city that embraces our common interests and teaches our children to dream and achieve for the common good.

Some fine dining and non-chain restaurants would help too.

Just my thoughts as a new resident of Ocala.

Carrie Erickson
Ocala resident