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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Readers respond to letter about Ocala’s expensive electric bills

Several readers submitted letters to Ocala-News.com in response to a mother who voiced concerns regarding her daughter’s expensive electric bills in Ocala.

“I’ve lived in Ocala for 10 years and I’ve seen my electric bill steadily rise. It’s up $100 from last year at least, and it went up $50 in the last month. I try to conserve and set my AC higher. I own a small home and live alone with my cats, so I don’t understand why my electric is so high and is steadily rising. I’ve used no more electricity now than I have in the past. It’s actually getting quite ridiculous with no apparent explanation, but I am looking for a solution. I know a lot of people are having the same issue with Ocala electric,” says Ocala resident Michael Stracuzzi.

“My power bill really jumped when they increased the cost of power. Now later on my bill has been running in the high $400’s. In fact, my last bill I received was really close to $500. Previous years, my power bill was never this high,” says Harry Lee, Ocala resident.

“I know that during the COVID situation, the electric company sent out letters that our bill was going to increase by a quarter or so, and when we got our bill it increased by half. So they misrepresented their statement. Now our bill went up from $80 to $160 a month, but that was during COVID. What is their excuse now? We haven’t received any notification about an increase. Nothing has changed and it probably won’t go back down. It never does,” says Ocala resident Richard Spaans.