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Monday, December 11, 2023

Ridiculous timing of traffic lights

To the Editor:

I have never been able to understand the ridiculous timing of the traffic lights. Why can’t left turns from both directions (north and south) be allowed to travel at the same time, then both straight lanes? Why can’t the turn lane light become a flashing yellow (or red) when the turn light has completed its cycle? There is a light at Fort King and Baseline that does exactly that and I will wager that nobody has ever complained about it.

Every time I sit and wait for the light at Pine and SE 32nd Street, my road rage ramps up. First, its the northbound left turn, then, after a pause, the northbound straight traffic goes, then the left turn is stopped and the southbound straight traffic is allowed. Finally, minutes later, the southbound left turn lane is activated. What a waste of gas and time!

The light at Pine and 17th Street works like it should with both left turn lanes going at the same time, so why not all the others? Of course, some “engineer” must be getting his/her kicks watching us as the light pattern changes at different times and different days. Get them right and leave them alone!

Dick Burgoon
Ocala resident