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Monday, December 11, 2023

Readers voice concerns on rising electric bills in Ocala

In response to recent letters that were submitted to Ocala-News.com regarding expensive electric bills in the city, several more readers wrote in to share their thoughts on the topic.

“I wanted to comment on electric bills. My electric bill the last few months has soared so high that I’m barely trying to keep it paid and on. I’m on disability and I barely get enough to pay rent if it weren’t for my daughter’s living here, but I’m still struggling. I’m on 24/7 oxygen, so I have to keep it on. Something has got to give for the lower class families,” says Ocala resident Kendi Sadlier.

“Why do City of Ocala utility customers have to decide to either pay the electric bill or eat? Pay the utility bill or pay the employee? What is going on and why are the electric bills so high? The City of Ocala has no answers,” says Pamela Pittman, Ocala resident.

“I am happy to see I am not the only one dealing with outrageous utility bills. I own a 1,700-square-foot residential, energy efficient home on the southeast side of Ocala. The highest utility bill in the last year has been as high as $641.72, and last month it was $542.00. There has to be some sort of miscalculation with the billing. There is just no possible way certain homes could be this high,” says Ocala resident Jamie Blash.