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Michael Lloyd Brown

Michael Lloyd Brown
Michael Lloyd Brown

Michael Lloyd Brown
January 4, 1951- September 17, 2023

“Unless the Lord builds the house its builders labor in vain.” Psalm 127.1

Michael Lloyd Brown was born in Detroit, Michigan on January 4, 1951. Named after his Grandpa Michael, whom he was very fond of, he was the oldest of seven children, all of whom celebrate his life with us today: Cheryl, George, Vicki, Harold, Mark, and David. His parents were Harold and Jennie Brown who were strong believers.

Michael made his own decision to become a follower of Jesus as a young man, in 1971. Michael’s indomitable faith in Christ Jesus was his life’s joy, his driving purpose, and remains his family’s cherished legacy.

Michael married his best friend and love, Vanessa on December 15, 1974 at the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle on Long Island, New York. Together they have three daughters: Bonnie, Janine, and Lydia; eight grandchildren: Bethany, Anna, Stephen, Elijah, Caleb, Sophia, George, and Calvin; and one great-granddaughter, Ariel.

He lived the greater part of his life in New York, working as a carpentry foreman and overseeing the building of many homes that still beautify the east end of Long Island.

Michael’s tenacity as a hard-working builder—both of earthly homes and of his Father’s heavenly Kingdom—is a gift to all who knew him. He worked resolutely, loved unconditionally, prayed fervently, laughed loudly, and lived courageously to his last day. His family is proud of him, of his race well-run, and plan to follow in his footsteps until they see him again.