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Monday, December 11, 2023

Residents in On Top of the World unhappy with constant dust, noisy traffic

To the Editor:

Is anyone aware that On Top of the World residents living in Avalon communities are suffering daily from constant waves of dirt and dust from the dirt road named Future Road SW 92nd Court? This road runs right behind our community and just outside our backyards.

We are living in a Senior Living Community and are all well advanced in age. At this time in our lives, we had hoped this would be our last move and we would find peace, quiet, and happiness in our new homes. However, there is a constant influx of heavy trucks, noise, and dirt coming from the unpaved road behind our houses. We are unable to enjoy our backyards, a barbecue, or even sitting on our lanais.

During the day, there is literally no time we can be outside without the constant rattle of trucks: garbage trucks, cement trucks, larger trucks carrying supplies, etc., and of course, the dust and dirt flowing into our yards.

My family moved to this location in the beginning of 2021, and the problem has become worse ever since. Many residents have complained, but nothing is being done to alleviate this problem. Many of our neighbors have health problems and need clean air to breathe.

The road needs to be paved or removed, and the excessive noisy traffic needs to stop. The community has put in a chain link fence with tarp, but this does not help. They sometimes send a truck down the road spraying water. In the Florida heat, this only helps for about five minutes and then the dust comes right back.

The supervisors will say this is a construction site and dust is expected. The problem has been continuing for over two years and is not caused by the construction.

Aine McGarity
Ocala resident