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Ocala homeowner sues insurance company over Hurricane Ian damages

An Ocala homeowner has filed a lawsuit against an insurance company, alleging the organization owes him tens of thousands of dollars for expenses he incurred from repairing damage to his home caused by Hurricane Ian.

The lawsuit was filed by attorneys representing Alton Steele against Security First Insurance Company, which does business as Security First Florida, on Monday, September 25 in Marion County circuit court.

According to the complaint, on September 28, 2022, Steele’s home at 8991 SW 103rd Lane in Ocala was “damaged directly and/or indirectly due to Hurricane Ian.”

8991 SW 103rd Lane in Ocala
8991 SW 103rd Lane in Ocala (Photo: Google)

Steele says his home sustained damages that “required reasonable, related and/or necessary repairs and replacements,” as well as cleaning and other “remedial measures.”

The extent of the damages was not included in the complaint.

According to his attorneys, Steele gave “timely notice” to the insurance company and delivered a “full and particular account” of the expenses and losses that he incurred as a “result of the loss.”

The complaint says Steele was assigned a claim number and that the company has since “failed to establish that it had reasonable proof that it was not responsible” for the payment of the damages and losses.

Steele says the company has “failed to pay the requested amounts for repairs and/or replacement.”

Steele is seeking $50,000 in damages, exclusive of attorney fees, costs, and interest. The complaint demands a jury trial.

In August, a couple who lives in The Villages filed a lawsuit against Auto Club Insurance Company, which is the insurance arm of the American Automobile Association, accusing the organization of not paying for damage their home sustained during Hurricane Ian.