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Monday, December 11, 2023

Environmental crisis in Marion Oaks

To the Editor:

In the last two years, the amount of trees removed, along with the excess of houses that are not even being sold or rented, has originated the displacing of beautiful birds and other animals.

Marion Oaks and SW Ocala used to be a clean and quiet area with low traffic. Nowadays, due to greed, it is becoming not only congested but also dirty, with trash on the Boulevard, 484, 49, and other streets.

I am sure that the removal of the trees and the high excess of cars are detrimental not only for the birds and other animals, but also to the air and whole environment, as well as that it will be a non-desirable area to live.

What once was a great neighborhood is now full of trucks and cars, in an area which its roads and infrastructure are not even prepared. There are houses for sale or rent, but with the interest rate increase, it will make it harder and harder for the properties to be sold.

Please stop the destruction of Marion Oaks and its environment. By the way, the houses on Marion Manor are very ugly, extremely close, and the colors are awful.

Matilde Leopold
Ocala resident