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Monday, December 11, 2023

Ocala couple sues insurance company over hail, wind damage to home

An Ocala couple is suing their insurance company for allegedly not covering the expenses the husband and wife incurred from fixing their home after it was damaged by hail and wind.

The lawsuit was filed on September 26 in Marion County circuit court by Winter Park-based attorney David R. Heil on behalf of his clients, Jon and Cynthia Lancaster, against Security First Insurance Company.

2237 SE 10th Avenue in Ocala (Photo: Google)
2237 SE 10th Avenue in Ocala (Photo: Google)

The Lancasters say their home, which is located at 2237 SE 10th Avenue in Ocala, was insured by the insurance company when it experienced storm damage.

According to the complaint, on June 24, 2022, the couple’s home suffered damage during a “hail and wind storm.” The Lancasters say they filed “all necessary forms and performed all conditions” to recover costs associated with fixing the alleged damage to the home.

The complaint says that a claim was filed with Security First, and that the company has “refused to make payment” for the claim.

The Lancasters are seeking “judgement against Security First Insurance Company, for damages, interest, costs, and attorney fees,” that are greater than $8,000, and less than $50,000, according to the complaint.

The filing follows similar lawsuits that have been filed by local residents against insurance companies in recent weeks.

That includes another lawsuit against Security First Insurance Company by an Ocala resident who claims the organization owes him tens of thousands of dollars for repairing damage to his home caused by Hurricane Ian.

The day before the Lancasters filed their lawsuit, another Ocala homeowner filed a similar lawsuit against State Farm Insurance, accusing the company of not covering expenses incurred from repairs made after a tornado damaged their home.

In August, a couple in The Villages filed a lawsuit against Auto Club Insurance Company, the insurance arm of the American Automobile Association, accusing the organization of not covering costs incurred from repairing their home after it was allegedly damaged by Hurricane Ian.