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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Habitat for Humanity files for foreclosure against another Ocala homeowner

Habitat for Humanity of Marion County has filed for foreclosure against another Ocala homeowner for alleged nonpayment, marking the fourth such case in the past month.

Attorneys representing the nonprofit organization filed the foreclosure complaint against Daniel Norton III and Shanta L. Norton in the fifth judicial circuit court of Marion County on September 15.

According to the complaint, in March of 2001, the Nortons entered into an agreement with Habitat for Humanity to purchase a home located at 821 NW 23rd Avenue in Ocala, within the Blitchton Village community.

821 NW 23rd Avenue in Ocala (Photo: Google)
821 NW 23rd Avenue in Ocala (Photo: Google)

The Nortons allegedly executed two mortgage notes totaling $42,400.

Under the terms of the alleged agreement, the Nortons were “required to make monthly payments of principal and interest” in the amount of $170.

According to the complaint, the Nortons failed to make a payment due in March of 2023, as well as “all subsequent payments thereafter.”

Habitat alleges that the Nortons still have an “unpaid principal balance of $3,894.48 plus interest, late fees, costs, and attorneys fees.”

The nonprofit is asking the court to place a lien on the property, foreclose it, and “dispossess” the previous homeowners in order to “ascertain the amount of money” needed to cover the amounts remaining on the agreements, as well as attorneys’ fees and associated costs.

According to court records, summons were issued to the Nortons on September 19.

The Nortons join three other Ocala homeowners who were foreclosed against in Marion County court just one week prior to their filing.

On September 8, Habitat filed three separate foreclosure complaints against three Ocala homeowners. All three homeowners allegedly defaulted on their notes after making payments for years, including one who first started making payments in 2003.