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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Local pet store sues security company over unauthorized payments

A pet store in Belleview has filed a lawsuit against a Jacksonville-based security company for allegedly running thousands of dollars in unauthorized automated payments.

Attorney Kristopher A. Vanderlaan made the filing on behalf of his client, Pipsqueeks Pets, Inc., against Southeastern Leasing & Equipment Corporation in Marion County court on October 13.

According to the filing, in December 2021, the pet store entered into a contract with the security company to “install a security system” at the “commercial property” located at 10654 U.S. Hwy 441 in Belleview.

Pipsqueeks Pets, Inc
Pipsqueeks Pets, Inc in Belleview (Photo: Google)

Attorneys say Pipsqueeks permitted Southeastern to “automatically withdraw a sum of $160.50 per month” from the business’s bank account for the “cost of the security system” over a period of “60 months.”

According to the complaint, between January 2022 and October 2022, the security company allegedly withdrew “additional monies not authorized” by the contract.

In total, Pipsqueeks alleges that 37 payments of $180.50 were made “without authorization” from the pet store. The payments amount to $6,678.50.

Pipsqueeks is seeking “equal to or less than $50,000, excluding interest, costs, and attorney’s fees,” according to the complaint.

According to state records, Southeastern Leasing & Equipment Corporation was founded in 1985 and is headquartered at 12276 San Jose Boulevard, Suite 217, in Jacksonville. The business sells security equipment, including closed circuit television systems.