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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Ocala Steel facing eviction amidst several active lawsuits

An Ocala steel company embroiled in several open lawsuits is facing eviction after allegedly refusing to pay rent and squatting at the facility.

Ocala Steel Enterprises, LLC, which is owned and operated by Michael Thayson, was sued by its landlord, Charles L. McLeod, Sr., in Marion County court on October 16.

According to the complaint, the company signed a lease with McLeod on July 28 for the property at 4596 SE Maricamp Road in Ocala.

Ocala Steel Enterprises (Photo Google)
Ocala Steel Enterprises at 4596 SE Maricamp Road in Ocala (Photo: Google)

McLeod says that the business “breached the lease” by failing to pay a total of $5,765 that was due on August 1.

On October 10, McLeod allegedly served Ocala Steel with a “notice to vacate.” According to the complaint, the company “refuses to do so.”

The six-month lease specified a base rent of $13,800 that would be payable in “six equal monthly installments,” according to the complaint. The lease was scheduled to run through January 31, 2024 and required a security deposit of $1,200.

McLeod is seeking a demand for judgement “for possession” of the property, plus costs and attorney’s fess.

The lawsuit is one of several active lawsuits against Ocala Steel Enterprises, LLC and Thayson.

A few weeks ago, a southeast Florida couple sued the company over $70,000 that they allegedly paid a building that was never constructed.

After Ocala-News.com published the first story on Ocala Steel, several local residents contacted us to provide additional details about their experiences with the company. At least two have also filed lawsuits against the company.