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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Ocala man accused of battering woman less than 2 weeks after being released from jail

A 26-year-old Ocala man who was arrested in June on drug-related charges is back behind bars after a woman accused him of repeatedly punching her while inside a moving vehicle.

On Friday, November 3, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to an unspecified location in Ocala in reference to a domestic battery incident involving a woman and Kevin Joe Bohlin, according to the arrest report.

Kevin Joe Bohlin
Kevin Joe Bohlin

The deputy made contact with the female victim who stated that she had been battered by Bohlin while on their drive home from a friend’s house. The victim advised that the incident began when Bohlin yelled at her for “mocking” him, and he allegedly stated that he would “kill her” if she “did not answer his questions,” according to the report.

The victim told the deputy that Bohlin further threatened to “hit her for every question not answered.” She then advised that Bohlin “began yelling and punching her in the face,” and the report stated that she attempted to block the punches with her hands.

According to the victim, Bohlin punched her in the ribs while she was blocking her face, and he then allegedly punched her in the face when her hands dropped down to protect her midsection. She claimed that Bohlin continued to hit her, and she was eventually able to exit the vehicle when it turned onto NW 77th Terrace from W Highway 326.

The report stated that the victim then ran to a nearby residence for help. The deputy made contact with a witness at that home who advised that the victim was “bloody and beaten up” when she “appeared on his doorstep.”

The deputy noted in the report that the victim had multiple bloody lacerations, wounds, and bruises on her face, head, arms, and hands. In addition, her hands and face were “severely swollen,” and medical staff at HCA Florida Ocala Hospital later informed the sheriff’s office that the victim had suffered a “severe broken nose” during the altercation.

Bohlin was located, arrested, and transported to Marion County Jail on Saturday, November 4. He is currently being held on $2,000 bond, and he is facing a felony charge for domestic battery.

A court date has been scheduled at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, December 5, according to jail records.

Earlier this year, on June 25, Bohlin was arrested after several drugs were found inside his vehicle during a traffic stop. The case went before a Marion County judge on August 10, and Bohlin was convicted of possessing methamphetamine, possessing cannabis (less than 20 grams), driving with a suspended license (second or subsequent offense), and failing to register a motor vehicle.

The judge sentenced Bohlin to 4 months at Marion County Jail. He was credited for time already served at the jail (1 month and 17 days), and he was eventually released on October 27.